Fik Fameica’s pride got him chased from South Africa – his manager reveals


Fik Fameica’s manager Samuel Dimez revealed why his artist was stopped from entering from South Africa.

The rapper had gone alongside other Ugandan entertainers for a concert.

He however didn’t get past the Airport after his Visa presented irregularities.

Fik instead pulled out a poster showing that he was supposed to perform in South Africa but the attendants didn’t entertain any of his explanations.

According to his manager, it’s the singer’s pride that got him packing back to Uganda

This was revealed by Dembe FM’s Bart Badru who resides in South Africa.

Bart said that he was surprised to find Fik Fameica’s manager in South Africa chilling yet his artiste had been sent back to Uganda.

When Badru asked him why the Kutama singer had been sent back to East Africa, he was told by the manager that Fik Fameica’s pride had the better of him.

He was asked to leave the country since he didn’t have the proper travel documents.

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