Fifi Parker

Fifi Parker Trashes Rumors Of Bonking Sk Mbuga

STV presenter Fifi Parker has come out to trash the rumors that were making rounds on how she’s boning with her boss SK Mbuga.

Rumor had it that the wealthy tycoon had reacquired his gun from the sub-county and turned it on his worker Fifi.

These rumors further said that Mbuga who is having a difficult time with wife Vivian had found solace in the gorgeous presenter and even rented an apartment for her neighboring Sheebah’s in Munyonyo.

She however came out to address the rumors saying Sk Mbuga is a good boss the reason she loves him.

“I had decided to stay silent about the ongoing propaganda about me and my boss but today let me make everything clear. I love SK Mbuga because he is such a different boss who makes every employee proud. He never bosses workers like how other CEOs do in their institutions. Why would I hate such a person.” Fifi Parker posted on her social media pages.

The TV presenter is nonetheless so gorgeous and nobody would really blame the boss wanting to get more of his worker.

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