Kusasira calls Museveni God

Faded Singer Kusasira Shocked Believers as She Claims Museveni Her God

Faded Singer Catherine Kusasira who also doubles as the presidential adviser has shocked believers when she claimed that she takes President Museveni as her God.

Cathaline Kusasira made this statement during an interview with Sanyuka Television over the weekend.

She revealed that there are so many reasons why she takes President Museveni as her God. One of those reasons is that the few years she joined Museveni, she has achieved a lot more than the many years she spend in the music industry singing.

“I take President Museveni as my God. I met him in 2016 but since that year I have achieved very many things more than those I spent in the music industry singing.” Catherine Kusasira, said.

Catherine Kusasira is one of those celebrities that support President Museveni in public and she said she is not ashamed of speaking it up since majority pretend to belong to the ruling if asked in public.

In 2019, President Museveni reportedly appointed the artiste Kusasira as his advisor on Kampala Affairs.

“Under this role, the Golden Band member will reportedly be in charge of coordinating the young ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) recruits in the slum dwellings.” He president said while appointing her.

Faded musician Mark Bugembe popularly known as Butcherman was also appointed as presidential envoy on Ghetto affairs.

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