Eddy Kenzo Is Not Known Outside Uganda- Maurice Kirya

It’s always a pleasure when you go in countries far away from your home country and find out that your homeland is popular and associated with good people.

However not all countries have popular people who are know for the right  reasons or good things.

Uganda is surely a blessed country naturally a reason why it’s described as the Pearl of Africa.

However nature does not make news and headlines as people do as singer Maurice Kirya proved on his Facebook page.

The Busabala singer said that many people abroad have people who they associate with Uganda because they are the most popular.

“What people abroad say when they find out I’m Ugandan.





ME.” Kirya”s post said.

One fan went ahead to question whether Kenzo wasn’t identified with Ugandans on the names Kirya had written.

“Eddy Kenzo??!!🤔.” The fan questioned to which Maurice Kirya replied that the Big Talent wasn’t yet up there on the list of most popular Ugandans abroad.

The “Sango” singer is considered by many as Uganda’s best musical export ever.

And with his recent musical exploits on the global stage such as winning a BET award, many people feel he should be one of the most popular Ugandans.

However this is not the case, it seems even after almost two decades after his death, former president Idi Amin continues to be one of the most popular Ugandan.

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