Don’t Ever Step Foot Again In South Sudan- Ugandan Musicians Are Warned

South Sudanese music fans have threatened Ugandan musicians to never set foot again in South Sudan lest they face it rough.

These accuse the Ugandan musicians of selfishness and being inconsiderate only wanting their monies.

This follows the death of a south Sudanese singer Mantani who was a big name there.

The said singer perished in an accident about 3 days ago and no Ugandan musician had yet come out to sympathize with the South Sudanese.

Only a few like spice Diana and ykee Benda have come out to send in their condolences but this wasn’t received well but rather with threats and insults.

The Ugandan northern neighbors felt this was cruel from their Ugandan fellows because they have always welcomed them to their country and accorded them the star status necessary.

A lot of Ugandan musicians have actually enjoyed banking huge chunks of money from their.

The likes of Spice Diana, Lydia Jazmine have all been seen sleeping in lots of money got from the south Sudanese.

Basically many Ugandan musicians have got filthy rich from performing in the wartorn country.

When Spice Diana took to her Facebook page to express her condolences, she was torn apart by the south Sudanese who were so angry at her for pretence calling the country her second home yet it’s only money that she cares about.

Mpaka records CEO Ykee Benda also posted the condolence message today but was advised to instead wish it to himself.

The Onabayo singer tried to excuse himself that he had just got the news but they told him posting after four days was as good as not having done so.

It’s even said that there is a south Sudanese comedian who is rallying his fellow country men to boycott any Ugandan going to perform there or even hurt them.

It’s also alleged that David Lutalo who had a concert there has been stopped from performing by the angry mob.

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