Do Not Sleep With A Man Who Has Not Yet Married You – Kulthum Muzaata


Dr Kulthum Muzaata widow to the late Sheikh Muzaata has come out to give some advice to young girls out there.

Kulthum advised these girls not to sleep with any man unless he comes officially to their parents home.

She added that girls should indeed tighten their skirts because the more they serve themselves to every man, the more value they lose.

She also tasked men not to start asking for sex in return for the favors they give to the girl child.

“Just because a man has told you that he will pay your school fees does not mean that you should start doing marital duties. Let him visit your parents and marry you officially,” Kuluthum said.

According to her, this provides a sense of security that incase of any misunderstanding, a woman knows where to run to.

Kulthum also talked about how she fought off temptations from those who tried to hit on her during school.

She revealed that she always avoided flirting with fellow students at all costs.

“Truly I was in school but I always knew that I was married so I would never play around or flirt with my classmates,” she added.

It should be recalled that Sheikh Muzaata married Kulthum when she was still very young.

The two had an industrious marriage at first but things turned sour later on.

This was after audios leaked and some messages of Sheikh Muzaata incriminating his wife of infidelity.

Kulthum was accused of bedding her shamba boy a thing she has vehemently continued to deny.

It’s however no news that by the time of the Sheikh’s death,he and his embattled wife were not in the friendliest terms.

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