Did the lord mayor sexually transfer power to you? – Twitter reacts to Doreen Nyanjura’s tweet


Social media in Uganda is not a place where you make reckless statements and just get away with it.

Makerere University councillor Doreen Nyanjura had her Twitter followers firing some questions at her after she posted a rekless tweet.

The Deputy lord mayor poster a photo of the Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja and the vice president Jessica Alupo seemingly addressing First lady Janet Museveni as their senior.

Nyanjura who is the deputy Kampala lord mayor captioned it by saying that power in Uganda is sexually transmitted.

Nyanjura meant that constitutionally, Janet Museveni is a junior to the PM and VP because she’s only a Cabinet minister but being the President’s wife, she’s more powerful than the two.

“In Uganda, power is sexually transmitted! The First Lady is more powerful than the Vice President and Prime Minister Combined,” Nyanjura tweeted.

This saw her followers ask her if this is the same way she acquired power from Erias Lukwago and City Hall.

” Mbu its only Erias Lukwago who can understand your statement.”

“Is that how you were nominated and became Deputy Lord Mayor?”

“If I were you,I would pull down this tweet because it doesn’t fit your status as a leader in society.”

“If in Uganda power is sexually transmitted
Your actually informing us how you got to the power.”

“Sometimes a point can be derived home without insulting…so you want to say you are where you are sexually??thx for speaking your mind out.”

This saw even NBS journalist Samson Kasumba call out Doreen for her disrespectful behavior.

Nyanjura however replied Kasumba that she’s yet to adjust to politics of sugar coating.

” I am yet to adjust to politics of pretence and sugar coating, I usually say things as they are; to some like you; it’s a weakness, to others; it’s a strength.

Sadly for Uganda, telling lies is one of the highest paying jobs!” She replied to Kasumba.

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