Dembe FM’s Eddie Sendi gives Precious Remmie advice regarding her fiance


Dembe FM’s Talk and talk show co-host Eddie Sendi came out to give advice to Spark TV’s Livewire presenter Precious Remmie in regards to her fiance, Raymond Bindeeba.

Remmie and Raymond have been the topic on everyone’s lips for the past few days.

This was after the two made their relationship official with Raymond proposing to Remmie and a few days later the two did an introduction.

Sendi said that Remmie’s man’s background is not a pleasant one and she should there fore make sure she keeps him out of the public eye.

“Your man’s background is not pleasing. I beg keep him out of media. I don’t think you even know him alot. We social media users are there to laugh so better keep him to yourself not the public,” Sendi said on the Talk and talk show.

The war on Remmie’s fiance was opened by cougar Don Zella who is based in the States.

Don Zella revealed that she herself had bedded Raymond and his size was even more disappointing than his pockets.

She proceeded to expose more women Raymond had impregnated, proposed to and run away from.

Don Zella warned Remmie that it will end in tears and the man is just after her fame and money.

Remmie has however shunned this negative energy and concentrated on her ‘Cocktail.’

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