Congratulations Brother, Hardwork Pays- Mikie Wine To Eddie Yawe

Social media was awash with pics of singer Eddie Yawe’s multi billion mansion after he released the pictures yesterday.

Basing on the expertise and experience the singer has spent in the music industry and political business, it’s a house that befits him.

However people were quick to question where he got all this money to build the posh mansion that is estimated around Ugx2 billion.

People felt that he was never among the top selling musicians and has taken long without any viable musical activity.

It should be noted that Eddie Yawe is an older brother to popular politician and singer Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu aka Bobi Wine.

The fire base crew’s brothers Mikie Wine, Banjo Man and now Eddie Yawe have all at one stage come out to unveil their multi million mansions.

This always leaves people wondering where they get their money from since their rating in the music industry is below par and have no known lucrative business.

However this didn’t stop Mikie Wine from congratulating his older brother on this achievement despite some negative vibes from different people.

“Life’s what you make it, let’s inspire before we expire, Congs baaba Yawe. Hard smart work really pays.” Mikie wine posted on his Facebook page.

Yawe said that he had taken almost a period of 16 years building this house so people should let him to sleep comfortably since it’s his sweat.

Social media as usual reacted with some people saying that if he was working for the government, people would already be crying foul how he used tax payers money.

Some others even went to the extent of saying that indeed he got the money from the state.

Maybe they have proof.

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