Comedians attack musicians for infiltrating in their job

Comedians led by Ssenga Ssebanga have come out to attack musicians who have seemingly infiltrated on their field.

These feel that artists have come to exploit an already struggling industry which they did not contribute to in it’s rise.

Artists such as A Pass, Spice Diana, Crysto Panda, Mary Bata and Kemi Sera and Stecia Mayanja have in the past and currently go on to record funny videos which they post on their social media pages.

Ssebanga says that first of all comedy is a field which is not profitable and deprives one of social respect.

He therefore does not understand why a musician would leave a lucrative field of singing to venture into comedy.

“Comedy is an art that does not earn one any reasonable income. I don’t know why these artistes have deserted music where you can earn Ugx 6 million shillings in a day to a field of peanuts. We used to admire the musicians but it’s laughable to see them running into comedy. For spice Diana, she just looks like a circus woman. Now who is going to marry someone like that.” Ssebanga said.

However these musicians said that they were doing this for fun and to promote some brands.

For Spice Diana, she said that she got a number of endorsements after she started acting her comedy skits.

She added that she’s got some money to keep her running from these and it’s not like she’s into comedy forever.

“I’m one of those artistes who got a number of brand endorsements due to my comedy skits. Besides I also discovered my acting talent. I’m not even doing it as a job but to promote the brands I represent.”

Mary Bata for her case said she’s just into it to entertain her fans and not money.

Ssebanga added that these musicians should have consulted the likes of Amooti, himself and Mariachi to know how the field works.

He however said he was sure these would surely run away quickly after learning the mechanisms of the field.

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