Comedian Taata Sam’s mum dead

Bad news this morning is that the mother to Uganda’s celebrated comedian Taata Sam has passed on.

His mum has been having Hernia complications for several months and the situation worsened recently before she passed on.

“Mukama ayise Maama wa Taata Sam.  Wumula Mirembe Maama. Kitalo” Taata Sam lamented on Facebook.

Taata Sam’s mum will be buried in Mityana District and the burial programme is yet to be communicated.

Taata Sam is popular with his comedy clips that are published on his Youtube Channel. He also used to practice stage comedy before Lockdown came closing all entertainment performances.

Taata Sam had lost his manager a in April this year. Barely 2 months later, his Mum has also breathed her last.

More details about her life and death and burial programme to be communicated later.

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