Clever J

Clever J Says Chameleone Taught Him How To Drink Alcohol

Isn’t it interesting how a mature man can be taught to do something that he well knows might be bad for his overall health and life.

But hey, what do they say about peer influence and the friends you keep, that seems the case for faded singer Clever J.

The Manzi wa Nani singer who started his career in Leone Island before pursuing a solo career said that he was taught how to booze and abuse drugs by Dr Jose Chameleone.

Clever J said that there was always massive money at their disposal and alcohol was always supplied in bulk.

Besides Chameleone had lots of contacts among bar owners and therefore they always had liquor when needed.

“Yes, we had money and used to buy all the alcohol we wanted. Our boss, Chameleone had connections in various bars around town and he introduced many of us to alcohol,” the singer said while appearing in a YouTube interview with a local blogger.

This is not the first time Clever J has attributed his problems to the Kipepewo singer.

There were allegations of Clever J alleging that Chameleone had stifled his career through witchcraft.

The two were supposed to work on a collaboration some few months ago but Clever J claimed that Chameleone never showed up for studio time.

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