Cindy Attacks Sheebah’s Feminism

It’s no secret that the self styled King Herself Cindy and the Queen Karma Sheebah are not the best of friends.

A few years ago the two superstars were at logger heads of who is the better singer and almost went to a battle but cooled off the steam.

Their fans meanwhile have continued to clash over social media of who is the better among the two singers.

In the latest twist, it seems Cindy has decided to reignite the beef.

The Boom party singer said she doesn’t know why some women are constantly bashing men and talking of how they are independent yet their daily lives are run by men.

“I don’t get women who are constantly bashing men when their whole world is sponsored by men. For your business, you have a male manager, male promoters and even a male makeup artist, then you turn around and say women should be independent? Oh please! I say men should be encouraged to take their place and women do the same.” Cindy said.

This was a direct aim at her musical nemesis Sheebah who has constantly bragged about how she’s an independent woman who doesn’t want to depend on her man for anything.

Sheebah added that it’s the reason why she hasn’t yet decided to settle down with a man because she’s still building her life as an independent woman.

The Nakyuka singer adds that it would be a blow to her to get married to a man who isn’t her class or even control her.

She’s constantly gone ahead to brand herself a “proud Nakyeyombekedde” who needs no man to thrive in life.

Rumours have also always made round how Sheebah is attracted to fellow women although these sources are unconfirmed.

Some people feel that Sheebah and the her likes misinterpreted the notion of feminism and use it in a wrong away to discredit men

A Nurse, 4 Others Jailed Over Injecting Ugandans Water as Covid-19 Vaccine

Nakawa magistrate’s court yesterday jailed Kaana Majaabu,24 , together with Vanessa Nassuuna,23, and others for injecting water to Ugandans claiming its AstraZaneca, a corona virus vaccination medicine.

Kaana was an enrolled nurse attached to Kiswa health centre III in Kampala yet Vanessa, has been walking as an enrolled midwife and proprietor of G.Marts Medical Centre in Gayaza.

Others included Gloria Katushabe,24 an enrolled midwife and proprietor of G.Marts Medical Centre in Gayaza, Nakiwolo Mubiru Rebecca,22, a student nurse at Access Health Training Institute and Francis Baguma,25 a businessman and student at Makerere University
The above were arrested after a tip-off to the State House Anti-Corruption Unit as they were being subjected to laboratory tests at the Government Analytical Laboratory(GAL) in Wadegeya,

The court accused them for negligence to spread infection of corona virus disease, contrary to section 171 of the Penal Code Act

According to court documents, employees for Hariss International Limited, KCL Limited, UBA bank, Kitintale branch, Diamond Trust Bank and Makss Packaging Limited were some of those who were injected with water as Covid vaccine.

The group was also charged with conspiracy to defraud, contrary to section 309 of the Penal Code Act for vaccinating employees of Hariss International Limited with purported Covid vaccines at a fee of shs8.4 million yet Covid-19 vaccine is free of charge.

Vanessa Nassuuna, and Nakiwolo Mubiru Rebecca, nursing students at KIU and Access Health Training Institute respectively were also charged over unlawful possession of government stores contrary to section 316 of the Penal Code Act.

The two were found with 694 pieces of auto-disable syringes with injection batch number 044621 and 1912403 which were property of the government of Uganda yet they have no permission to possess them.

However, the group denied the charges and was remanded to Kitalya government prison until 10th/ August/2021.

800 workers from different private companies received fake jabs yet their companies paid for the vaccinations.

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