Cindy Applauds singer OS for jailing Kays and co


Uganda Musicians Association president Cindy Sanyu came out through her Instagram page to applaud singer Omulangira Suuna for jailing NBS TV presenters Kays, Mako and Wako.

The ragga muffin star said that she has so much respect for Suuna for having the ‘balls to do what most artists are scared to do.’

“I have got so much respect for this man for having the balls to do what most artists are scared to do. Character assassination and defamation is a real crime and if dialogue fails then the law should take over. Power to you man,” she posted.

Suuna who had the trio sent to Kitalya Prison up to the 15th of October 2021 meanwhile is now on the hunt for their counterpart Isma Olaxess.

Isma however alleged that he flew out of the country back to Sweden.

The singer vowed to make these presenters regret why they spread baseless defamatory statements against him.

Suuna had earlier issued an intention to sue to the presenters and offered to finish the issue outside court.

They however did not obey it and he was left with no choice but to sue them.

Suuna says that the trio said that he sleeps with aged women who are the source of his wealth especially the storied house, forest and cars he usually poses around with.

He added that these claimed that his parents died and he’s a witch doctor.

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