Cindy Advises Grace Khan after being dumped by ‘impregnator’


Singer Cindy Sanyu has come out to advise fellow singer Grace Khan to take heart and forget about the man that dumped her.

Grace Khan over the weekend during her baby shower broke down in tears revealing that her baby daddy to be dumped and left with no support.

Cindy said that she should just calm down and give birth because the baby is innocent and it will take away her sorrows

She went ahead to say that she grew up in a family of 6 with no father but her mother was able to raise them.

“All I can advise is her to take her heart and give birth to her baby. It will surely make her comfortable and forget about the worries. I myself grew up in a family of 6 children without a father but my mother was able to raise us,” Cindy said.

She also talked about her own pregnancy saying that it’s the reason she recently chopped off her hair.

The Ayokya yokya singer said that the hair was making her uncomfortable due to the heat it brought to her.

Cindy also said that her fans will have to wait a little bit longer to see her performing on stage.

She said that she neither has the energy nor does she want to risk damaging her brand because she can’t deliver her usual performances while preggers.

She revealed that she has turned down a number of international bookings because she feels she will be cheating her fans.

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