Chameleon’s New Association Is Just A Family Union- King Michael Says

Uganda Musician Association committee member has come out to label Chameleon’s new federation a family union.

A few days ago Chameleon announced how he had formed a new umbrella as the supreme head of all musicians in Uganda, the Uganda Music Federation which also comprises of Uganda Superstars Association.

Chameleon was named it’s president, his brother Pallaso the spokesperson while their brother Weasel too has a role on the panel of this new group.

However, with UMA as having been recognized as the only top body responsible for all musicians affairs in the country, they saw Chameleon’s group as a threat to their monopoly and authority.

They subsequently started holding meetings to address and counter the threat posted by Chameleon and his group.

UMA made it public that they are not impressed with Chameleon’s faction because it will destabilize the industry and crush the little achievements they had registered.

Kato Lubwama a member of the UMA policy board made it known that they were going to fight Chameleon and his group plus all the indiscipline musicians.

While talking to Dembe FM, singer King Michael also made it known that they would not tolerate Chameleon’s group.

He however said that the two groups can coexist and do their duties as long as they don’t interfere with each other.

Michael was questioned whether they could join Chameleon’s federation as the Leone island boss earlier said.

The Muko muko singer said that this could be possible if only they learn that Chameleon’s group is legally registered and not just a family group.

He also added that the honesty of Chameleon’s group was questionable since the group was formed after learning of Salim Saleh’s money.

“I want to maintain that if Chameleon does not interfere with us, we won’t interfere with him, but if he does we shall attack him bare knuckle too. It’s possible for us to join his federation but we have to first know that it’s legal and not just a group of family members. We don’t know why the group was created hastily only after hearing about the Salim Saleh money. Why hadn’t they created it before or why couldn’t they wait.” King Michael wondered.

He was questioned why UMA failed to hold elections after learning of the Salim Saleh money since they could have been toppled and fail to share on it.

Michael said that the pandemic has been the main obstacle to the elections but when everything calms down, the elections will go ahead as scheduled.

The Salim Saleh money has really thrown the music industry into a frenzy with seemingly disagreements brewing up.

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