Mayanja Brothers

Chameleone’s Mother Admits Her Sons Are Alcoholic

Mother to the popular singing Mayanja brothers Jose Chameleone, Weasel and Pallaso has admitted to how her sons are alcoholic.

This followed Weasel’s thumping of his friend a one Cyrus who was taken to hospital in a critical condition.

After Cyrus’ mother coming out to plead to the Mayanja’s to foot his sons bills since she could not shoulder them, Weasel’s mother took to the hospital to pay them.

This was where she bumped into NBS’ Kayz who questioned her about her sons’ violent behavior.

She said she knows her sons are alcoholic and advised them to quit alcohol or leave it because they are not the first ones to booze.

Questioned about Weasel particularly on whether he’s depressed, she said that he was after Radio’s death but he’s nolonger.

“Yes they drink and the alcohol does them bad. They have these strong alcoholic drinks they take, red label and tequila. It’s really strong and not good for their heads. Weasel was depressed after Radio’s death but he isn’t anymore. He has slowly gotten over it.”

She advised them to drink beer which she herself takes because it’s not so strong.

The Mayanja brothers have over countless times been accused of engaging in petty fights especially when they are high.

Chameleone while addressing Weasel’s situation yesterday said that it’s a phase he was in himself but eventually his young brother will outgrow it.

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