Dr Jose Chameleon

Chameleone Says Age Is Influencing Weasel’s Actions

Legendary singer Joseph Mayanja aka Dr Jose Chameleone has come out to say that age is something that is still disturbing his young brother Douglas Mayanja aka Weasel.

This was after news circulated of how Weasel had mercilessly beaten his house help a one Cyrus sending him to the hospital bedridden.

This incident was not the first act of violence Weasel is being implicated in.

Some months ago, he was vindicated for having beaten his girlfriend and thrown her out of his Never land home.

Just a few days ago, Weasel was said to have exchanged heavy blows with singer King Saha.

However Chameleone said that he’s been a victim of the violence too and he will advise Weasel accordingly.

He however said people should stop labeling all the crimes done by one Mayanja on all the Mayanjas.

“I don’t really know what happened between Weasel and his friend but I will first find out and see what to do. All I know is that Weasel is in that phase of life that everyone goes through but he will eventually emerge from it. All I can advise him is to control his temper because not damages relationships. There are lots of boys at Weasel’s place and these fights are likely to erupt.” Chameleone said.

He added that they will see how best to help Cyrus and see that he gets treatment.

Weasel however yesterday through his Facebook page denied having beaten the said victim.

He took to his Facebook page to post pictures of him aboard a plane insinuating that he has been in Kenya for the past few days.

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