Chameleone picks Bebe Cool over Bobi Wine as the real friend


Leone Island singer Dr Jose Chameleone yesterday while appearing in an interview with NBS TV picked Bebe Cool over Bobi Wine as his real friend.

The Befula singer said that Bobi Wine failed to visit him lest send him a message recently when he was hospitalized.

Chameleone proceeded to say that he can’t tie himself on people who don’t value him.

“Bobi Wine did not come to visit me or even send me a message when I was in hospital. What type of friendship is that? You always see Bebe Cool looking out for me carrying a cake when it’s my birthday. It’s better I stay with people who see value in me. Big up my brother Bebe Cool,” Chameleone said.

The singer also said that people should stop calling him a Chameleone because of his songs or name.

He said that unless people created a ‘dress’ for him in which they want him to live in, there is no reason as to why he should live by their expectations.

The singer further tasked NUP fans to clean their hearts because they can’t lead a country with such bad hearts that they carry.

Chameleone then said that if NUP fans think that Bobi Wine’s armored car was from his fans, the they should know that his too was from a fan.

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