Chameleone is very broke- Kasuku claims

Motor mouthed radio personality Katende popularly known as Kasuku has come out to claim that singer Jose Chameleone is very broke.

Kasuku who was appearing in an interview with Spark TV’s Live Wire program made the comments in relation to Chameleone’s new music association.

The Leone Island boss early this week together with a number of musicians formed two new groups to act as umbrellas of uniting musicians.

Uganda Music Federation was formed as the parent association of all musicians in the country while Uganda Superstar’s Association was formed for all superstars in Uganda.

Chameleone was subsequently elected as the president.

These are all meant to undermine Uganda Music Association (UMA) which is the legally recognized umbrella for all musicians in the country.

Kasuku now thinks that the reason why Chameleone formed these associations was to tap into the money that was promised to musicians by Gen Salim Saleh.

“Chameleone formed this association because he is very broke. He was depleted by the elections and even his office was converted into a salon. He feels that he has done a lot for the industry and therefore can’t accept to be clustered with other musicians in getting this money. Cindy therefore has to be strategic and call Chameleon, sit him down and give him guarantees otherwise she will find herself alone in UMA.” Kasuku said.

He was asked why he thinks Bobi Wine and Bebe Cool haven’t yet joined these different factions.

The Dembe FM presenter said that Bobi Wine is now way above that class to be fighting for peanuts.

For Bebe Cool, he doesn’t like being ruled and given orders therefore it will be hard to see him there unless Chameleone personally invites him.

He also talked about Kenzo saying the Big Talent boss’s dreams were beyond the level of fighting for money.

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