Chameleone and a Section of Other Musicians Break Away from UMA

Legendary singer Jose Chameleone and a crop of other musicians have broken away from the Uganda Music Association to form their own body known as the Uganda Music Federation.

The singer who has been known for a lot of controversies throughout his his career indeed came up with this controversial decision too.

Uganda Musicians Association under singer Cindy is legally known as the umbrella that works on all affairs of musicians in Uganda.

The body has been in existence for close to 15 years and Chameleone who was part of it’s founding said that it had failed to achieve it’s objectives.

He went ahead to thank the musicians that had trusted and made him their president.

The Leone island boss said that the goal of this new body was not to fight anyone but to work for the good of Ugandan music.

He even went ahead to call upon these organizations to come and join them.

“I just want to thank everyone of you that has elected me to be the president of this new federation. I will lead you with transparency and accountability. Our goal is to push Ugandan music beyond our borders. If we had started this project 15 years ago, we would be far by now. This is not an association but a federation so it’s the head of all entertainers in Uganda. We call upon others to join us and we work together.” Chameleone said.

A number of musicians such as Pallaso, Fefe Busi were all around as the federation was being inaugurated.

This federation is rumored to have been in the works for quite some time and did not just spring up.

Some bigwigs in the music industry are understood to have seconded the idea.

These include the likes of Pallaso, Catherine Kusasira, Sophie Nantongo, Ziza Bafana, Kabako among others.

UMA has not come out yet to address this faction.

It’s only veteran musician Raga Dee who has come out to say that Chameleone’s group won’t last the test of time because it was not created with good intentions.

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