Canary and Ferguson

Canary Mugume And Sasha Ferguson Wedding Dates Confirmed

The time is finally ripe for love birds Canary Mugume and long time lover Sasha Ferguson to make things official through holy matrimony.

The couple is set to walk down the aisle later on this month and the dates have been confirmed.

Taking to his Instagram page, political journalist Andrew Mwenda who is like Canary’s father figure said that the wedding is going down on the 18th of September 2021.

“Canary Weds sasha September 18, see they are even wearing the same suit.” Mwenda captioned alongside a photo of Sasha.

The couple a few months ago carried out two functions, the introduction and Kukyala all in a space of a fortnight.

Rumor started circulating on why these had hastened everything saying Sasha was pregnant but this turned out to be just rumors.

The NBS news anchor has spent about 7 years with with his girlfriend after having met in their teenage years.

The two have had some rough patches on the way but they have weathered the storm down and are still going strong.

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