Bobi Wine not surprised with Chameleone trading his dignity for a car


Fire base boss Bobi Wine came out to show how he wasn’t surprised by Chameleone’s actions of announcing that he had moved back to NRM from NUP after being gifted a car.

The Leone Island singer after being handed a range Rover by President Museveni’s brother said that he’s always been yellow inside.

Bobi Wine however while talking to Spark TV said that Chameleone’s actions only show that he’s dignity or self worth is equivalent to a car or money.

The former presidential candidate said that his fellow singer’s move is even not about money but rather ones values and beliefs.

“Chameleone’s actions are not just based on wealth but rather self worth and dignity. It’s up to one to decide whether they can trade their worth and dignity for a car or money,” Bobi Wine said.

He then added that one can’t however be decided for but their actions will always have them judged.

Bobi Wine also said that Chameleone knew from the day he joined the People Power movement that it was not a Kyagulanyi movement but rather a mass movement for Ugandans.

Therefore Chameleone’s claims that he was sidelined and not accorded the respect he deserved in NUP are lame.

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