Blogger Ashburg Kato’s real reason behind arrest revealed


NRM affiliated social media blogger Ashburg Kato was last week arrested over unclear circumstances.

Some thought it was connected to the Kayz arrest over bad mouthing singer Omulangira Suuna.

It however seems a different case as the blogger was arrested over cyber security threats.

It’s alleged that Ashburg has been hacking different people’s websites and social media pages.

Things got worse for the blogger after a one investigative journalist Stanley Ndawula complained to the law operatives that some people were accessing his social media sites.

This was after Ndawula published revealing information about the Sudhir’s on how they fraudulently acquire people’s property in the country and the mismanagement of Crane Bank.

“Meet Katto Ashburg , one of the top coordinators of my hacking. He was arrested last night. His statement is so revealing and interesting. it’s gonna be a nice ride, the trauma they took me through aside”. Mr Ndawula said.

This is not the first time Ashburg is being accused of hacking people’s social media pages although some doubt his ability to do this.

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