Bebe Cool reveals why he stepped on the Nabagerekka’s table


Musician Big size Bebe Cool is one of those artistes who can die by their words and not change them.

The singer who is at often times deemed controversial has indeed over the years done some daring things.

One of these was during the early 2000’s when he daringly stepped on the table of the Buganda Kingdom queen, Sylvia Nagginda.

This grabbed the headlines with some negative info but Bebe has always thrived on the criticism of his rivals.

While appearing on NBS After 5 program, the wire wire singer revealed that he actually didn’t know that it was the Nabagerekka’s table.

“I had been given this opportunity to perform and my wife to attend the show. She however wasn’t there and I decided to carry my small dog. So when I reached, I made sure my dog goes on stage first. So I started singing and seeing people going crazy, that’s how I ended up stepping on Nagginda’s table. I however didn’t know it was her,” Bebe Cool revealed.

He added that he also learnt of her identity from the news the following day.

Bebe Cool however said that the Nabagerekka didn’t take it as an issue since she had grown up from abroad and therefore knew what showbiz is all about.

Bebe Cool has over the years been dubbed the king of showbiz and has pulled off indeed some stunts hard to imagine.

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