Bebe Cool reveals how Ugandan music will go international


Singer Moses Ssali aka Bebe Cool has come out to reveal how Ugandan music will become international.

The singer made the comments while appearing on NBS After 5 where he has been dissecting the music industry this week.

The Bafudde singer said that first and foremost, the arts industry has to work with the government just like other sectors.

Bebe Cool also said that Ugandans should also stop belittling their own musicians and support them all the way regardless.

” If we want our music industry to develop, then we have to work with the government just like other sectors. However, the government can’t find you on the road and support you. There’s no way we are going to change our music industry where a musician is able to blow up on the global scene when the stakeholders and locals are deflating them at home,” Bebe Cool revealed.

He also said that however much Ugandan music might be had, people have to stick with it and slowly, they will get it to the top.

Bebe Cool cited an example of Eddy Kenzo’s 2014 Sitya Loss that got him a BET.

He said that it wasn’t the best song in Uganda by then but the fact that people loved and pushed it made it successful.

The Gagamel boss also faulted the media for playing a lot of foreign music yet other countries such as Nigeria don’t do this.

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