Bebe Cool praises Pr Bugingo’s fiancee Susan Makula


Gagamel boss Big Size Bebe Cool came out to heap praise on Susan Makula Pastor Aloysius Bugingo’s girlfriend.

The Wire wire singer said that Susan is a die-hard fan of his from way back and was one of the pioneers of the Gagamel Phamily Group.

This is a group that was started on social media by Bebe Cool’s fans and eventually got endorsed by him as they currently usually meet to carry out a number of activities.

Bebe Cool while launching a clothing shop for Kleberson one of his other die-hard fans praised this group because they have stood with him through different times.

“Susan Makula is one of the pioneers of the Gagamel Phamily group. They have been true fans and real friends. She has not disappointed me or our group. She’s now a public figure and a role model,” Bebe Cool said.

Susan while speaking said that Bebe Cool has countlessly provided lots of advice to them as a group.

She added that she joined the team when she was still young years ago and Bebe Cool always advised them against certain things such as staying away from alcohol and drugs.

This is advice that she has carried on and still rings in her head.

Bebe Cool meanwhile called upon Ugandans to buy Uganda and build Uganda by supporting Kleberson’s clothing business.

He also called upon the youths to stop undermining different jobs because all jobs pay.

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