Bebe Cool comes out in support of OS Suuna


As a number of bloggers and media personalities especially those presenting entertainment shows ganged up against singer OS Suuna, a number of artists came out to defend one of their own.

Onw of these includes Gagamel boss Bebe Cool who has come out to add his voice to the likes of Cindy, Kalifah Aganaga, Ziza Bafana among others

All of this originated from Suuna suing Next Media Services workers Kayz Makko, Makko and blogger Isma Olaxes for defamation.

These spent a number of days behind bars and only got released on bail.

Bebe Cool feels that some of these presenters go way overboard in their submissions without minding about how the people they talk about feel.

Bebe Cool added that these presenters should start according respect to the artists which they deserve.

“I support OS Suna and what he did was the right thing to do. Some of these journalists go over board while speaking on these shows and they speak false words about an artist or any other person. I now think these are going to stop and much respect will be given to artists and other people.” Bebe Cool noted.

He added that he’s one of the most cyber bullied artists only that he has a thick skin and doesn’t react in Suuna’s way.

The singer also said that these media journalists and bloggers should stop disrespecting artists.

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