Bajjo Advises General Saleh On What To Do For The Music Industry

Controversial events promoter Andrew Bajjo has come out to advise Gen Salim Saleh that he cannot organise the music industry the way he is doing.

Bajjo first took a dig at the big artists who were seen in Gulu dining with Saleh.

He said that it was a pity to see how musicians he thought were big to be in Gulu begging for money from the General.

“Parents should teach their kids so that they don’t become beggars when they grow up. I was surprised to see the likes of Chameleone and Bebe Cool who I considered to be big in Africa busy begging from the General.” Bajjo said.

Bajjo further said that Chameleone and his group had faked an organization to go and dupe the general.

He alos said that this is an organization of faded superstars and not the actual superstars.

Bajjo also bragged it was him who advsied Gen Saleh not to give these artistes money because they are faded.

He further said that Salim Saleh has given about Ugx 5.6B to over 600 promoters.

However, the artists who number about 24 were busy asking for around Ugx 9B.

Bajjo also said that these musicians should stop deceiving the General how they incurred loses because they faded out 15 years ago.

The controversial events promoter went ahead to say that the general should engage artists who are currently trending.

“I told the general that the musicians he’s surrounding himself with are faded. He should work with the likes of Eddy Kenzo, Winnie Nwagi, Rema, Sheebah. Pallaso and King Saha were aslo trending but due to Chameleone’ bad heart, he took them to Gulu to beg and they have faded too now.” Bajjo said.

He also advised Gen Saleh that if he truly wants to organize the industry, he should then engage all stakeholders.

These include comedians, DJs, MCs, events promoters among others.

Short of this arrangement, the general will find himself duped because he’s so kind hearted and listens to everyome.

Bajjo said that the strategy of giving these musicians money in cash form should stop but rather be done so through cooperatives.

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