Bad Black

Bad Black Talks About Her High Libido

Faded socialite and thigh vendor Shanitah Namuyimbwa aka Bad Black a few days ago appeared in a local TV interview telling of her high libido which she referred to as ‘labido.’

Bad Black said that she really has a high appetite for the undercover game even specifying what times she really wants to do bad manners.

“I’m always high between 2am to 6 in the morning. Then my moods return back at around 10pm. That’s when I be rubbing myself on my man and he has to give it to me.” Bad Black said.

She was questioned whether she also still has feelings since she has been in the game for so long.

The ex convict said that the feelings are still in full swing and there is no where they are going.

She also revealed how she decided to settle with her current boyfriend after having played him.

“So by then I had two guys Sky West and Asha. I would get it from each one of them. But I decided to settle with Asha because he’s better in bed. I never used to feel anything with the other one.” Bad Black said.

She further said that she retired from vending her fruits three years ago and decided to settle with Asha because he knows how to give it to her in the morning.

Bad Black also said tht the reason she had taken to the streets to sell herself was due to bad peer groups and being a child.

She concluded by attacking her nemesis Ritah Kaggwa telling her to calm down and build a house for herself and avoid social media influence.

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