Bad Black scoffs at haters after being named as Victoria University brand ambassador


Faded socialite Shanitah Namuyimbwa shocked many yesterday as she was named the new brand ambassador of Victoria University.

Bad Black was unveiled by the University’s Vice Chancellor Dr Lawrence Muganga and this gig will be on a one year renewable basis.

“Guess your not ready mbwa mwe here I come as Victoria university Ambassador bwahahahaha kati big books on table no joking this time round,” Bad Black tweeted.

Many mocked the s.2 drop out and branded this a mockery of the learning institution.

This is because according to many, Bad Black represents the very opposite of the values that one would want taught to their children.

The socialite is a former ex con who was convicted on theft charges and is a famous sex worker who doesn’t shy away from talking about her works.

However, this had none to interfere with her new gig as she told those who think they are well qualified to go and get the role too.

“Yes small books Vs big books mbwa mwe , how come yo big books didn’t land you on such a gig from today address me as Miss Ambassador
sikidamu,” Bad Black scoffed at the critics.

Some people were however happy for the socialite as they believe that her social media presence will in the long run benefit the academic institution.

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