Bad Black Plotting Music Comeback


Faded socialite Bad Black has revealed how she’s planning to revive her once upon a time miserable music career.

Bad Black further says that there has been an improvement in the audio and video producers unlike back.

This has therefore encouraged her to think of releasing some music.

She made the comments during a live social media chat.

It should be noted that the renowned thigh vendor released about two songs soon as she had been released from Luzira prison.

The songs included ‘Mudguard’ and ‘Munamwaulire.’

These songs were however so awful that she there and then learnt that music wasn’t her calling and her specialization lay in serving leg.

She quickly dumped her unpromising music career and resorted back to her area of expertise.

Bad Black however says that she does music just for fun and will therefore release some music soon.

Maybe singing is just not for Socialites as fellow socialite Zari Hassan’s music career suffered a premature birth too.

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