Ashburg Katto and Flavia Tumusiime

Ashburg Kato Says Flavia Rejected Him To Settle With The Adulterous Andrew Kabuura

Wow Uganda never ceases to amaze and when you feel that all the funny things have stopped another pops up.

According to faded social media blogger Ashburg Kato, Flavia Tumusiime rejected him amongst a host of other potential suitors only to settle the down with the adulterous Kabuura.

According to Ashburg, Flavia could have been better off if she had chosen one of the earlier men that came before sharpshooter Kabuura.


2003 Flavia rejected Gaetano.
2013 she rejected J-Cole (Yes, the American rapper).
2014 she rejected A*pass & Gareth Onyango combined
2015 she rejected Ashburg Katto and settled for KABUURA

2017 Kabuura starts to cheat on Flavia with Mercy (whom A pass rejected),” Ashburg tweeted.

Interesting if Ashburg who recently got whipped by Police also had intentions of vibing Flavia.

The Kabuura cheating scandals have dominated the news for almost a week now but neither Flavia nor her husband have come out to directly confirm or deny them.

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