Emmanuel Lwasa

Another Nude Video Of Lwasa Leaks

Masaka tycoon Emmanuel Lwasa is surely owning the headlines although for the wrong reasons.

For the past 3-4 days, the veteran sharpshooter has been in the news over his leaked nude video.

At first a 3 second video took people by storm and many questions were on people’s lips.

Lwasa however didn’t let them to calm down before another video showed up.

This can be dubbed a “keeping up with the Lwasa” because the now he has two episodes.

Unlike the first video when he was rolling in bed, the second video shows Lwasa rubbing his small animal to get up and eat grass but in vain.

Lwasa is all blushing in bed and it seems like he recorded these videos sending them to someone who has now betrayed him.

It’s the first time a man’s nude video has really caught the attention of people like this.

Lwasa has however maintained that it’s not him in in the video.

He went ahead to say that this video was doctored because he can never sleep in cheap hotels like the one the video appears to show.



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