Angella Katatumba talks about rumors of reconciling with Daddy Andre


Female singer Angella Katatumba has come out to clarify on rumors that have been making rounds of her getting back with Daddy Andre.

For some weeks , rumors have been having it on how the two resumed their bedminton games.

However Angella has come out to say these rumors are false because she’s currently in another relationship.

She also revealed that her and Andre meet only together just for music business.

Angella also talked about the possibility of working with Nina Roz who is now a fellow label mate

She revealed that she has no problem with it because she doesn’t mix feelings and work.

“I reconciled with Daddy Andre specifically to make music and not a romantic relationship instead. We are currently working on a song titled Nze Nawe that will be out soon. I’m currently in another relationship and very happy, the rest I don’t want to know.
For Nina I can work with her since now we are in the same label. Besides I don’t let my emotions ruin business. As long as there is an opportunity, I’m going for it,” Katatumba said.

It should be recalled that Nina and Angella weren’t friends some time ago as both have a denominator of Daddy Andre’s smart wire.

Andre on the other hand is said to have been introduced by his new girlfriend Bobo Shan in Mbale over the weekend.

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