Am Going To Reveal More Shocking Details From Gulu- Kabako Says

Musician Kabako has promised to reveal more information that transpired on their maiden trip to Gulu to meet General Salim Saleh.

And what a better way to reveal this than through a song.

It should be noted that a few days ago rapper Fefe Bussi took to a freestyle and revealed what had happened on their way to Gulu and what happened there.

Fefe Bussi in this song revealed the participants and some of the details there saying that not whoever goes to Gulu goes to heaven.

According to Fefe’s song, he was disappointed on what transpired there and promised to reveal the rest in part two of the song.

However, before he does that, it seems “number emu” singer Kabako will have released the next episode of the Gulu song.

Kabako said that what Fefe Bussi revealed in his song is nothing even compared to all that happened while they were there.

” I’m going to release part 2 of the song Gulu and reveal all that happened in Gulu as we went to meet Gen Salim Saleh. The part one that Fefe Bussi released is not even a quarter  of what happened there.” Kabako said.

Meanwhile Gulu remains a tight area for now as artistes are still there as bids to engage Gen Saleh and the government on how to steer the music industry ahead intensify.

Promoters also yesterday led by Abitex , Bajjo, Balaam and KT promotions went to meet Gen Saleh with a number of reasons but mostly to see how to organize the December festive concerts

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