Alex Muhangi denies not helping comedian MC Bugingo


Comedy store boss Alex Muhangi came out yesterday through a phone call interview with Spark TV to deny the claims that he has never come out to help comedian Hassan Ssenyonjo alias Bugingo.

This was after the comedian was diagnosed with tumors in his private areas.

The situation according to Ssenyonjo who is famous for acting as Pastor Aloysius Buging first got out of hand in 2019.

He was however taken to hospital by Ssenga Ssebanga and Taata Sam which calmed him a little bit but was told they could turn into cancer if he was not quick about treatment.

The situation however escalated this year and he appeared in camera with his private areas loose and in great pain.

He said that he needs 27 million shillings to go to Kenya for an operation.

The comedian was asked if Alex Muhangi has ever come to his rescue since he has ever performed at Comedy Store.

MC Bugingo who seemed bitter said that Muhangi has never even sent him a single penny nor even a phone call.

He challenged him to bring the proof of the Shs 500,000 he claims to have sent him.

However, when Muhangi was contacted, he refuted the claims.

Muhangi said that he paid Shs 500,000 to the Cancer Institute after the comedian had told the The Uganda Comedy Association (TUCA) that he wanted to do a cancer check-up.

“He came to TUCA and told us that he wanted to go for a medical checkup for cancer and I paid Shs 500,000 from my own pocket. He however didn’t show up and that’s when we last heard from him. This left us believing that he was lying and had conned us,” Muhangi said.

He added that he was equally shocked to see him on TV this week in great pain.

Muhangi however said that they will do all they can to assist him.

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