Andrew Bajjo

Bajjo Attacks The Mayanja Family Again

Events promoter Andrew Bajjo of Bajjo events has come out once again to attack the Mayanja’s labeling Dr Jose Chameleone’ recent sickness as a stunt.

It should be noted that Chameleone got his fans and family alike worried about his health something that dominated the news for quite some time.

However according to Bajjo, this was a stunt to promote his upcoming album titled “I’m Joseph.”

Bajjo added that this stunt really worked for him since it was all over the news.

He did not stop there further saying that the Vumilia singer is broke, reason being that Salim Saleh didn’t give him a single penny while in Gulu.

“Chameleone’s sickness was a stunt. Everyone knows he’s the king of stunts. The last one of being so critically ill and bedridden was an organized stunt and it paid off for him. Besides he’s broke because Gen Saleh didn’t give them money.” Bajjo said.

This is not the first time the events promoter is attacking the Mayanja family after having labeled them as indiscipline last month when Weasel beat up his houseboy.

Bajjo is one of the hotheads who’s made a name for himself by attacking everyone.

This even landed him to jail earlier this week although he was released on bail.

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