Abitex says Eddy Kenzo can fill up Namboole stadium


Events promoter Abitex of Abitex Promotions has come out to heap praise on Big Talent boss Eddy Kenzo as Uganda’s best singer at the moment.

Abitex said that if it wasn’t for politics, Kenzo could have filled up Namboole stadium with a concert.

He also said that Kenzo had put up a strong performance recently in Mutukula the border town between Uganda and Tanzania which was highly successful.

“If it wasn’t for politics, Kenzo could have filled up Namboole with a concert. He’s the best at the moment and he put up a lifetime performance recently in Mutukula,” Abitex said.

The pencil thin promoter also said that he’s going to relocate to Tanzania and start holding his concerts there.

Abitex said that starting with this festive season if President Museveni doesn’t open up the entertainment parks, then he will go.

He also added that concerts can be held in Mutukula but at the Tanzanian end and no fuss is made about it because everything is going on normally in Tanzania.

Abitex made the comments while appearing in an interview with Spark TV.

It was from this that he asked Police to arrest Isma Olaxes after a video in which the bloggers president circulated with him saying that he killed Dans Kumapeesa.

He also threatened to camp at CID headquarters of this is not done.

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