Abitex and Isma Olaxess lock horns over Danz Kumapeesa’s death


Events promoter Abitex and social media blogger Isma Olaxess look like they are set to lock horns legally over the death of producer Danz Kumapeesa.

The late producer died in 2017 over injuries inflicted upon him by unknown goons.

Recently, a Tiktok video emerged in which Isma says that he was among those who killed Danz Kumapeesa.

Abitex there and then threatened to camp at Police Headquarters if Isma is not arrested and quizzed over the matter.

Isma who was in jail then quashed the video saying it’s corrupted and said those are just media wars.

Abitex yesterday took to CID headquarters and filed in a petition seeking investigations into Isma’s hand in the death of Danz.

He said that Isma at one time said that Ykee Benda would be knocked and indeed the singer got an accident.

Abitex added that he believes Danz spirit had possessed Isma to incriminate himself.

Addressing Isma’s claims that he wasn’t in the country, he cited the example of MPs Allan Ssewanyana and Muhammad Ssegirinya who were arrested over the Masaka killings yet they weren’t present at the murder scenes.

“I have come with the intention to have Isma arrested. He has been making reckless statements and I want the law not to exempt him just because he supports NRM. Although Police doesn’t believe in ghosts, I believe the spirit of the late possessed him,” Abitex said.

CID spokesperson Charles Twiine said that they shall recall Danz file and open fresh investigations.

However, in a phone call interview with Spark TV, Isma said that Abitex is just seekimg media attention.

He wondered why he had taken this long to sue him adding that the video is corrupted.

Isma tasked Abitex to look for the necessary evidence that pins him to the murder and he will surface to defend himself.

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