A woman who pulled lasts longer in bed – Crysto Panda


Local rapper and NTV presenter Crysto Panda has come out to air his dirty mind by giving an insight into what turns him on under the sheets.

The Kyoyina Omanya singer said that he prefers a woman who can give him a good time in bed than one who can cook very appetizing food.

Panda says that he can cook good good himself and therefore wants an animal in the bed.

He also added that he prefers a woman who pulled because they last longer in bed.

“I can do my cooking. I don’t care if a woman is a poor cook. I will always choose a woman who is good in bed over a good cook. It’s hard to find a woman who can satisfy me sexually. I need a woman who can make me speak in tongues,” he said in an interview with a local YouTuber.

Working in an industry full of all types of babes, the singer must surely have a hard time choosing which one to bed.

Panda however according to some sources is a married man after photos of him surfaced on social media earlier this year of him in a private wedding ceremony.

He however refused to come out and clarify whether he was indeed married.

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