A Female Fan Called Me to Sing for Her at 3am – Ykee Benda

Mpaka records boss Wycliffe Tugume aka Ykee Benda has come out to narrate how fans can do crazy and out of the world things.

The Onabayo singer narrated how a female fan called him in the wee hours of the morning to sing for her.

Being a celebrity obviously is a luxury and a beautiful thing but it also comes with some weird incidents.

Some of these are brought by fans who maybe madly obsessed with these celebrities.

This is usually to do with female fans who are mad about their favorite male celebrities.

Having seen his wife pack her bags back to her parents home, female fans have now decided to plot on how to seduce the singer.

“So a lady called me last night at 3am nga nebase and she said “Hello Ykee Benda , Bambi nkwagala nyo nyimbilamu Munakampala , ako akayimba nkagala nyo” . Kumwenda ez’ekiro.” Ykee benda tweeted.

This was one weird way to pray on the now single musician but hopefully her wish was granted.

Fans were quick to ask him whether he sang for her.

“In the middle of a pandemic and thats all she could ask a celebrity.” One fan wondered.

“You YKEE also you would just straight away start singing.She was testing to see if the song was indeed done by you.” Another joked.

” why didn’t you sing for the lady? You should check on her Bambi to see if she’s well otherwise us women when we want, we want.” A female fan went.

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