Rwanda Locked down again

The government of Republic of Rwanda has put the country under lockdown again following rise in the Corona Virus cases in the country.

The Kigali government issued a statement on 21st June banning most of activities and reinstating curfew in the country.

In a statement signed by the Prime Minister of the country Edouard Ngirete, it showed that Kagame held a crisis meeting on how to handle the situation of COVID-19 to which various new rules were drawn while old measures were re-emphasized.

Rwandans were reminded to keep wearing masks, washing hands and keeping social distance, failure to fulfill resulting into a penalty.

Rwanda so far has a total of 31,435 having added 622 cases yesterday raising an alarm and necessitating locking the country again.

In the new guidelines that were announced, was put at 7:00PM in the evening ending at 4:30 AM in the morning. Businesses are expected to close at 6:00 while movements are expected to stop at 7:00PM.

Transport to and from Kigali to other provinces banned however inter district public transport remained open at half capacity. Transportation of Cargo remains open with an utmost number of 2 people in every cargo vehicle including the driver.

Airport remained open however all entrants are asked for a PCR test showing negative results and taken with in the last 72 hours.

Motorcyles and bicycles remain working while observing S.O.Ps.

Physical meetings allowed to continue only if the organizers allow attendance not exceeding 30% of the venue capacity with all participants required to have negative COVID-19 test.

Social gatherings including celebrations suspended. Traditional, civil and religious weddings also suspended

More guidelines below

Rwanda new Lockdown regulationsRwanda New Lockdown

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